SAQA Qualified Courses

SAQA Qualifications via a variety of unit standards pertinent to job description.I am a qualified Facilitator and Assessor.

There are unit standards that can be applied to Presentation Skills/Telephone Etiquette/Office Etiquette and many others with an entry level qualification that can be attained. These courses are generally 3 or 4 days to cover all the material provided by SAQA and to do the Assessment Valuation as well. This is usually done at the request of a business who wish to improve the skills of their workforce through standardised practices.

Job descriptions are provided by the client and a facilitation course will be designed to suit. The assessment will then be conducted on the worker to ensure they can indeed perform all the tasks required. Once the assessment has been successfully concluded, the worker obtains credits which are held in the National Data Base.

Continued education is always encouraged to obtain higher levels of expertise, thus increasing the possibility of promotion.